Faìve Rose 2017/2018 - Nino Franco
Faìve Rose 2017/2018 - Nino Franco

Faìve Rose 2017/2018 - Nino Franco

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Anyone who has visited the magical city of Venice has most certainly encountered the famous wine of Prosecco.The legendary estate of Nino Franco, located in the celebrated region of Valdobbiadene, has been producing Prosecco wines for more than three generationsPrimo Franco, grandson of the original founder, Nino, professionally and lovingly moved this estate into the twenty first century, setting the example to other producers.Unquestionably one of the top producers of Prosecco today, the quality of the man is to be found in his wine.American wine critic Robert Parker scored Rustico 89/100.

Antonio Franco founded the “Cantine Franco” winery in Valdobbiadene in 1919. This winery is proud to be one of the oldest in Valdobbiadene, located in the town centre, not far away from the countryside and the vineyards. Primo Franco was one of the first pioneers to export the Prosecco and to introduce a different sparkling wine than Champagne into the international market. These wines are quite simply the best Prosecco you can find perfect as an aperitif or try the Rive di San Floriano with your meal.

Nino Franco “Faive” Rosé Spumante Brut (2011)
review from - http://www.independent-wine-review.com/2013/08/nino-franco-faive-rose-spumante-brut.html Primo Franco (the current winemaker at the Nino Franco winery that produces this “Faive” Spumante) makes Prosecco, but it isn’t necessarily Prosecco as you know it. Aside from being better than much Prosecco on the market (a product of a desire to produce a wine of which he is proud and that reflects the proud winemaking heritage of the region of Prosecco), Primo Franco’s Nino Franco range of Prosecco also comes with a signature style that emphasises the flavours of the individual vineyards from which the fruit is drawn (rather than the sugar level – unlike some more mass produced wines that smother poor quality fruit with lashings of residual sugar). Brut in style and a wine of genuine flavoural interest, it is easy to pick this “Faive” Rosé Spumante out as a Nino Franco wine as a result.

Produced from a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc in the 2011 vintage (the tenth vintage of this “Faive” Rosé produced) there was a short period of skin contact time to give this “Faive” the desired colour, ahead of two fermentations in stainless steel tanks to lend alcohol, flavour and fizz! A highly attractive salmon pink colour in the glass, this “Faive” Rosé Spumante sparkles as the numerous finely formed bubbles that race from the base of the glass break the surface. Declared as containing a 12% abv alcoholic content, wonderfully pure strawberry and fresh peach aromas greet a taster as they approach this “Faive” Rosé, with a lingering waft of blowsy and pastel pink garden roses present too. In many ways a wine that defies classification (not legally permitted to be labelled Prosecco, drier than most rosé sparkling wines made in the Prosecco zone of production and purer in flavour and made differently to rosé Champagne) this “Faive” Rosé Spumante is defined by flavours of strawberries, wild raspberries and freshly picked nectarines.

Almost completely dry and underpinned by an ever-present but subtle and nicely integrated mousse, this “Faive” Rosé bubbles on across an impressive length. Best consumed whilst young, this 2011 version of the Nino Franco winery’s “Faive” Rosé Spumante should be drunk before the end of 2015. Either pair this wine with seafood risotto or drink it as an aperitif.

Nino Franco “Faive” Rosé Spumante Brut (2011) Score: 87/100 – A classy and well crafted wine, this “Faive” Rosé is both characterful and impressive. Value for Money: 7/10 – Available from £16 per bottle, this Nino Franco “Faive” Rosé is more expensive than many Venetian rosé sparkling wines, but is also better!