Domaine Antugnac - Oc Blanc "Turitelles"2018

Domaine Antugnac - Oc Blanc "Turitelles"2018

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Grapes: 50% Chardonnnay, 50% Mauzac

Sight: pale lemon with green highlights

Nose: It smells of pears and flowers on the nose.

Palate: It is fresh and with a good structure.

General Information: After harvest each varietal is sorted and placed in a broad stainless steel vat where the grapes burst under their own weight and the pressure of gravity's pull. The must is then left to settle at a low temperature, before it is racked and transferred back to the same stainless steel vat where the grape juice is left to ferment at a temperature of no more than 18˚C, and then undergo malolactic fermentation to balance the wines' acidity and add depth to their flavours. It makes an excellent aperitif and goes well with goat's cheese on toast and shellfish. It also goes well with salmon and cold shellfish.