IL Bacialé Monferrato 5lt  2010 - Braida

IL Bacialé Monferrato 5lt 2010 - Braida

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The ‘Bacialé’ describes a character existing up to the 19th century which arranged marriages amongst the local country folk, in those days an important and recognized profession in the region of Piedmont. The word derives from the local dialect and can be translated into mediator or matchmaker. In those days weddings were combined when young men and women could only meet during local festivities of the village in the rigorous presence of their families. The profession of the ‘Bacialé’ required great tact to collect sufficient information about the young girls and boys that he intended to marry. On the first occasion, he addressed the ‘future weds’ and painted a glowing picture of the respective person. The final arrangement was sealed by a kiss on the hands of the couple; an act that influenced the name-giving of the profession (bacio=kiss->bacialé). The ‘Bacialé’ Monferrato Rosso is a harmonious marriage of Barbera, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and enhances the best characteristics of each grape. The proximity to France inspired the use of the French varieties which have a supportive role, with 60% of Barbera as major component. The ageing of the single grapes happens according to each variety in either large Slavonian (Croatia) barrels or small French Barrique barrels. The ‘Bacialé’ is of intense ruby colour with purple nuances. The spicy bouquet indulges with notes of black small berries, walnuts and black pepper. The palate shows heady juicy forest fruits underlined by a well- integrated and ripe tannin structure. The high percentage of Barbera bestows an unmistakably sapidity to the wine. The warm and fresh fruit lingers! An ideal accompaniment to savoury food!