Corteforte - Amarone Classico Terre Di San Zeno 2016

Corteforte - Amarone Classico Terre Di San Zeno 2016

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This is a blend of Corvina (65%), Rondinella (20%), Molinara (%%) and other indigenous grapes of the region, such as Dindarella. The grapes for Amarone are picked only after a careful selection of the ripest clusters on the vines. These are placed in wood crated to undergo the appassimento process, an air induced drying out of the grapes that lasts up to 4 months. The crushing takes place only at the beginning of the year following the harvest, with a very long fermentation due both to the temperature of the season ( February - March) and to the naturally high level of the must. The wine is then pressed and aged in small oak casks. A lengthy and careful phase of bottle aging (up to 3 years) follows, ensuring that the Amarone will be able to maintain its unique characteristics for a period of 10 to 12 years.

Colour: an intense deep red garnet, with tinges of orange.

Bouquet: complex yet very clean, suggesting sour cherries in brandy, wild berries, licorice, anise and spices, with a most pleasant taste as well as an intense, persistent aftertaste.

It pairs perfectly with roasts, all game, red meat, either cooked or raw. Unbeatable when supped after a meal, accompanied by aged cheeses, both firm and spicy. It is recommended that the wine be served at room temperature in large, round crystal glasses so as to fully bring out its unique characteristics.