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Domaine du Haut Bourg in the midst of conflict planting a future for the next three generations and on. 

The biggest privilege of being a wine merchant is the fact that you become a voice for a winery. It's true team work makes the dream work and working with Nicolas and Herve is a joy. Nicolas and Herve are brothers with a fabulous sense of humour and don't take themselves so seriously. However they do take what they do seriously and this is the magic, I can honestly say I love all the wines they produce. Admittedly I have my favourites, the 2012 Muscadet Origine du Haut Bourg has to be up there, great value for money. The unusual varieties such as Grolleau Gris is fabulous value and well worth trying, just because you may not have heard of the grape variety doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. If you like fruit forward soft wine with an element of acidity and freshness this is the wine for you, I like to drink wine with food however this is perfect as an aperitif also.

Sauvignon Blanc one of our biggest selling wines, super easy to drink, the delight is drinking a Domaine wine at this price. If your ever near Nantes it is well worth a visit to see Nicolas and Herve, if I can assist please email me


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