Quinta da Boa Esperença - A very special Rosé

Every wine has a story. And, this is a real strong story about determination, about a dream, about a vision. A man called Artur Gamma, who is for me, becoming more like a brother. He's dear to my heart. He had a vision, as a 19-year-old to one day own some land, and leave an inheritance. And, in 2014, he managed to buy a 16-acre property in Lisbon, in the Lisbon region. And, part of his vision was to have a Rose, that had a different colour to other Roses in Portugal. He wanted this proven sound note, which what he's saying is this real light colour we're seeing in this glass right now. And, to achieve this, you have to present the wine to the local board and, it got to the point they kept saying no and I think it was on the fourth presentation that, they decided to say yes.

But Artur's attitude at that point was if this doesn't happen I'm going to do it anyway but thankfully, it went through. And it is the number one selling wine on our platform, on our website. It's nice when you have a vision for something, not only that, the label is actually done by his wife. You've got the woodman here and the presentation's fabulous. This is 2019 vintage. It's delicious. Everybody that drinks it loves it. It's three red grape varieties. And it's just engaged the aromas when I talk about wine, the aromas just in jump out the glass, it's immediate freshness.

There's also a slight salty note to the wine, which is quite endearing, and this is comes because the vineyard is about 20 kilometres, about 10 miles away from the ocean. And not just any ocean. It's the Atlantic Ocean that comes with incredible power and force. In fact, the village that Artur comes from, Ericeira is the place for the World Championships of surfing in Europe. Fabulous place, great seafood, perfect wine to go with seafood. But that ocean's so violent than the winds traveling into the valley where the wine is, just deposit these salty notes, that you find in the wine actually walking through the vineyards. Often, we see seaweed in the vineyard as well.

So it's all the things you want to create this wine that was perfect with seafood. shellfish, certainly great with mussels, great with oysters, cramp. But also really a joy to have a glass just on it's own. When you taste the wine you feel the acidity but also feel the fruit. And once you swallow, there's longevity to the aftertaste as well. So they're all the components you're looking for the aroma moment I smelled the wine. I was engaged in the aromas, second, a little bit of error I got the wine going around my mouth so we'll get the full flavour and the aftertaste is, you want to count the seconds of how long it will long and the longer the seconds are, the better the wine. came to the bar; Rosie 2019, what I failed to inform you earlier on the label it says handcrafted every single thing about this wine is handcrafted. Grapes picked by hand, labels as to come by the family this is the, bottling comes around. Everything's done by hand. That's handcrafted, and this is very new for the Lisbon region in terms of art or is pushing wines to Excel to another level. And I think he's done that with this rosé. Cheers Artur Gamma. You're doing a great job.

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