Herdade Aldeia de Cima, Alyantiju Tinto 2018

Herdade Aldeia de Cima, Alyantiju Tinto 2018

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Winemaking: Jorge Alves e António Cavalheiro

Region: Alentejo, Portugal

Grape Varieties: Alicante Bouschet

Alcohol Content: 14,4%

Tasting Notes: Here there is something genuine, intense and evoking what is unmatched in the Alentejo, its density, aromas and depth. It could only have come from the Alentejo. This is a serious wine true to its land. unique combination of robust origins, sophistication and solid precision. It is a timeless wine, with a strong and lasting personality. It goes well with: Meat and cheese dishes.


Vinification: With a unique biodiversity, in Herdade da Aldeia de Cima the implantation of 20 ha of vineyards, projected until 2020, follows the different contour lines of the slopes and valleys, in two distinct terroirs: one on the plateau with elevations between 289 and 300 metres and the other in Serra do Mendro with elevations between 300 and 380 metres, in an unusual orography that allows the zoning of 24 micro-terroirs. The wines are designed in the vineyard where they seek out ancient knowledge, diversity, the minerality of the soils and silky textures. Aged for 9 months in 100% new French oak barrels.